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Hello, my name is Delia, and I am the founder of


6 years ago there was a transformation in my life. That change in consciousness made me make a turn in my diet, in the products I used in my home and in my body. There was a real need to find ecological products for my skin, for my personal care and that of my family that respected my health, while respecting Nature.

Not finding them, I started a research task to be able to have those products within reach. From there came the idea of ​​creating a store in the Canary Islands where to bring these products to all people.


In these years, we have been offering you these products in our physical store. Now, we dare to go one step further and offer you greater facilities to have your favorite products closer.

I hope you can feel the love with which I have selected each of the products chosen for you.


Where are we?

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